New Products - October 2015

Detailed Decoys

Avian-X Decoys

Avian-X Decoys exceed the need with attention to detail, quality and versatility. The ultimate in realism, flocked decoys fool wary honkers under all lighting conditions. Flocking fibers eliminate frosty morning shine and the unnatural glare exhibited by smooth plastic decoys. Avian-X Flocked Full-Body decoys are second to none when it comes to duplicating the three-dimensional appearance of the real thing. AXP Painted Lesser full-body Canada honkers rival any production decoy. Also incredibly rugged for the “throw-and-go” style of hunter who has grown weary of bagging and unbagging individual blocks. 20-percent oversized for field hunting or decoying big James Bay Geese in the East. They blend in with regular honker decoys yet give the added color contrast, size difference, and posture to create an eye-catching rig. Over-sized square retractable motion base. Packs include field-stake system and a slotted decoy bag. MSRP for carefully matched packs start at $219. Contact: Avian-X, Dept. FFG, 30 Park Dr., Port Clinton, OH 43452; (877) 534-2263;


Birchwood Casey MLP Solid Lubricant Pen

Birchwood Casey MLP Solid Lubricant Pen meets Mil-Spec requirements to keep firearms functioning even in the toughest weather and field conditions. MLP Solid Film Lubricant is a semipermanent, lacquer-like coating containing molybdenum disulfide and corrosion-inhibiting pigments. Creates a tough low-friction coating that prevents galling, seizing and fretting. Once applied, it is virtually unaffected by atmospheric and fretting corrosion, solvents, acids, oils and degreasers. Works well from -320 to +300 degrees Fahrenheit. MSRP: $12.70. Contact: Birchwood Casey, Dept. FFG, 7887 Fuller Rd., Suite 100, Eden Prairie, MN 55344; (800) 746-6862;


ArcticShield Insulated kennel Cover

ArcticShield Insulated Kennel Cover aluminized polypropylene core layer retains 90 percent of a dog’s body heat while also deflecting cold outside air and blocking wind and rain. Top carry handle and heavy-duty D-rings for tying down. Integrated take-up straps ensure a tight fit that minimizes wind flap. Bottom hemmed with an elastic cord so it snugs up, too. Zippered side windows and door. Non-insulated covers available for warmer weather. Sizes M, L, XL fit most of the popular rigid field kennels. Muddy Water™ camouflage finish. MSRP: $149 for Medium; $169 for Large; $179 for XL.


Browning Black Label 1911

Browning Black Label 1911-380 autoloading pistol pairs two of John M. Browning’s original inventions: the Model 1911 handgun and the 380 ACP cartridge. Precision-built composite frame scaled down to 85 percent the size of the original .45 ACP. Yet still larger than most 380 ACP pistols to manage recoil and improve control for follow-up shots. The grip is narrow but long and deep for shooting comfort. Barrel is 4-1/4 inches long for downrange punch and aiming accuracy. Overall length 7-1/2 inches; weight 17-1/2 ounces. Magazine capacity 8 rounds. Features include extended ambidextrous safety, beavertail grip safety, machined steel slide and skeletonized hammer. Matte black finish with fixed combat sights. ABS carrying case included. Made in the USA. MSRP: $669.99. Contact: Browning, Dept. FFG, One Browning Place, Morgan, UT 84050; (800) 333-3504;


Flextone Headhunter Extractor X-Glide

Flextone Headhunter™ Extractor X-Glide slide allows this one call to make all of the key deer vocalizations. Simply slide the X-Glide to the proper position for mature buck grunts, young buck grunts, doe grunts, doe bleats or fawn bawls. A flexible tube allows inflection while producing the most natural-sounding vocalizations possible. Super-loud snort-wheeze chamber makes the aggressive sounds that no dominant buck can ignore. When the rut is over, return to softer, more social buck and doe calls to send the message that it’s OK to come on in to your stand. To clear ice buildup on the reed, simply slide the X-Glide back and forth a few times. Contact: Wildgame Innovations, Dept. FFG, 602 Fountain Pkwy., Grand Prairie, TX 75050; (800) 847-8269;


Steiner Miniscope 8X22mm monocular

Steiner Miniscope 8x22mm monocular offers incredible clarity and brightness in pocket-sized optics measuring just 2 inches high by 2 inches wide and weighing 2.8 ounces. Ergonomic design is easy to hold and use with one hand. 8x magnification brings the action up close, and once the Sports-Auto-Focus® system is adjusted for your eye, everything from 65 feet to infinity stays clear and sharp. Same high-contrast lens coatings found on much larger optics. Carrying case with belt loop included. MSRP: $114.99. Contact: Steiner-Optics, Dept. FFG, 920 54th Ave., Suite 200, Greeley, CO 80634; (888) 228-7747;

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