New Products - August 2015

Smart Phone Hunt App

onXmaps HUNT app

onXmaps HUNT App turns your phone into a full-featured GPS. Comes with 24k Topos and other map features that include Hunting Areas, Roads and Trails, Private and Public Land Ownership and Property Boundaries, and Points of Interest. Always know your exact location relative to ownership boundaries, geographical features, and more. Mark your trap and stand locations on multiple base maps that automatically update each year. Unlike other hunting apps, onXmaps HUNT lets you customize maps to fit your needs. Never lose valuable information when out of cellular coverage or data because you can cache the HUNT Map Layers and Basemaps to up to two mobile devices. Contact:



Night Eyes HL50-Q dual color beam headlamp

Night Eyes HL50-Q dual color beam headlamp’s twin-head design lets you choose instantly between a colored beam (red or green, your choice) and a bright white beam. Use the color beam for scanning and hunting then switch to the brilliant white beam for game tracking and recovery. Brightness is instantly adjustable, and the white Cree LED’s are also great for night fishing and other outdoor activities. MSRP $169.95. Contact: Night Eyes, Dept. FFG, P.O. Box 520, Centre Hall, PA 16828; (814) 364-9660;


Wildgame Innovations 360 Cam trail camera

Wildgame Innovations 360 Cam trail camera eliminates blind spots with full 360-degree coverage. Any one of six sensors will trigger the high-quality 12 megapixel camera. Once movement is detected, the unit automatically repositions the camera and flash to the appropriate angle. T-Post mounting system lets you place the camera exactly where you want it. Super-quiet infrared illuminates up to 70 feet for nighttime shots. Rapid trigger speed with modes for 12 MP photo and HD 720p video in 30-second clips. Water-resistant case in TRUbark HD texture camo. Comes with a USB cable for downloading; also supports up to 32GB SDHC cards (not included). Powered by eight AA batteries (not included). External battery port for use with optional EBX (not included). MSRP $299. Contact: Wildgame Innovations, Dept. FFG, 602 Fountain Pkwy., Grand Prairie, TX 75050; (800) 847-8269;



LaserLyte CrossBow Sighter

LaserLyte CrossBow Sighter will get you on target faster and then let you check the sight’s zero without firing a shot. To sight in, place the Sighter on the arrow track under the string of the uncocked crossbow. Shine the laser out to 20 yards and then adjust the bow’s 20-yard scope reticle or pin sights to the laser. The first bolt should hit within 1 or 2 inches of bull’s eye. To check the sights, simply place the Sighter on the bow and switch it on. Made of T6 aluminum. Roll-switch activated; powered by three 393 batteries. Fits any bow with a maximum length of 7 inches from the string to the end of the flight groove. Three-year warranty. MSRP $64.95. Contact: LaserLyte, Dept. FFG, 30 N Alamos Drive, Cottonwood, AZ 86326: (928) 649-3201;


Brite-Strike Hunter's Survival Key Fob

Brite-Strike Hunter’s Survival Key Fob fits in the palm of your hand yet includes a fire starter rod and jute tinder and a sharp mini knife blade that can be assembled as a small spear or used as is to clean game and perform other camp chores. Also includes two fishhooks, 20 feet of fishing line, 12 feet of Mil Spec Paracord, and an APALS Line Light conveniently stored on the carabiner. Line Light weighs just 0.18 ounces yet can function as an emergency strobe or like a regular flashlight. Waterproof down to 200 feet with marine grade PVC pouch and 3M adhesive backer that sticks to natural and man-made materials. Visibility up to 1 mile with high-output LED; 200 hours runtime. MSRP for the Survival Key Fob with Line Light $40; Line Lites also sold separately for $10. Contact: Brite-Strike, Dept. FFG, 11 Raffaele Rd., Camelot Industrial Park, Plymouth, MA 02360; (508) 746-8701;


Pollick Oil Base Deer Lures

Pollick’s Oil Base Deer Lures emit strong, authentic natural odors while also reducing the frequency with which you need to refresh the scents. Buck Preorbital gland scent provides constant communication between deer in the area. Flaming Seduction is a blended emulsification of 70 percent estrus doe urine and 30 percent doe interdigital, anal, vaginal, and tarsal gland extracted scent pheromones. Comes in a 2.5-ounce dropper-cap bottle. MSRP for Preorbital $21.95, Flaming Seduction $19.95. Contact: Paul Pollick’s Whitetail Deer Lures, Dept. FFG, 4940 Garvers Ferry Rd., New Kensington, PA 15068; (724) 295-3543;


Set-n-go rrapper stabilizers

Set-n-go Trapper stabilizers let you quickly set bodygrips anywhere without the stakes. Hide traps inside steel and concrete culverts to thwart would-be thieves. Keeps working through high water and ice floes because nothing sticks up above the surface to catch floating debris. Also deadly for bottom-edge sets where staking and stabilizing deep under the water can be the biggest challenge. Also effective for setting dry-land mink, raccoon, and otter trails or beaver runs. Trapper tested and approved. Made in America; patent pending. Steel economy model priced at $9.99 for two ($5 each). Lightweight aluminum two for $19.99 ($10 each). Contact: Set-n-go Trapper, Dept. FFG, 4400 Page Ave., Michigan Center, MI 49254; (517) 499-2951;

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