New Products - March 2015

ATN X-Sight HD

ATN X-Sight HD Day/Night riflescope

ATN X-Sight HD Day/Night riflescope advanced sensor technology produces high-definition images both day and night. During the day, the HD image looks like any other scope. But the powerful IR illuminator also lets you see in total darkness, perfect for hogs or varmints at night. Zoom from 3-12X or 5-18X. Smart optics can also record video. Customize with Wifi, GPS, E-Compass, and Geotag apps, to name a few. Can be continually upgraded by the customer with simple firmware. Eye relief 67 millimeters. Close-up range 5 meters. Dimensions 10.3 x 3.5 x 3.2 inches; weight 2.7 pounds. Comes with a 2-year warranty. Suggested retail price for 3-12X $629 or $749 for 5-18X. Contact: ATN, Dept. FFG, 1341 San Mateo Ave., South San Francisco, CA 94080; (800) 910-2862;


Tree Stand Buddy

Tree Stand Buddy makes it easy to hunt from multiple trees with one portable stand (stand not included). Attach the Tree Stand Buddy bracket to the stand and then strap a receiver in each tree you want to hunt. Pick the tree that is perfect for the day’s conditions, climb up to that receiver, pull the stand up on a rope, and slide the attached bracket into the receiver. Now take a seat and hunt, experiencing the same setup angle, position, and viewpoint every time. Taking the stand down is just as easy, and doing so at the end of each hunt eliminates any risk of theft. In rigorous testing withstood more than 900 pounds of force without breaking. Starter kit includes bracket and stand-mounting hardware, receiver and straps for $129. Two additional receivers $99; two sets of straps $30. For more information, contact: (877) 987-2723;


Hodgdon 2015 Annual Manual

Hodgdon® The Brand that’s True 2015 Annual Manual magazine-style publication is jam-packed with articles from some of the top gun writers along with reloading information for Hodgdon, IMR® and Winchester® powder. Includes the widest variety of pistol and rifle cartridge reloading data on the planet with well over 5,000 loads. Featured are the new IMR Enduron™ Technology powders that include IMR4166, IMR4451 and IMR7977. Each powder has a built-in copper fouling reducer, is insensitive to temperature extremes, and has small grains for easy flow with an ideal loading density. None of the ingredients in these powders are considered harmful to the environment. Extensive information for all three powders includes data for 41 rifle cartridges. Available at newsstands and Hodgdon dealers for $8.99. Contact: Hodgdon Powder Co., Dept. FFG, 6430 Vista Dr., Shawnee, KS 66218; (913) 362-9455;


DMT Aligner ProKit

DMT Aligner ProKit has been thoughtfully designed for fast, faultless knife sharpening. All of the tools to ensure consistent angles, precise edge bevels, and expert sharpening strokes come in a rugged, compact carry case, including a stone holder with 3 interchangeable Diamond Whetstones in extra-fine, fine and coarse grit and a Serrated Sharpener. The engineered-resin clamp holds a knife firmly at any of 7 angle settings without scratching the blade. The DMT® Difference ensures consistent diamond coverage, uniformity and quality. As with all DMT sharpening products, no oil needed.  Made in the USA since 1976. On the company website for $78.71. Contact: DMT, Dept. FFG, 85 Hayes Memorial Dr., Marlborough, MA 01752; (508) 481-5944;


Black Lightning

Black Lightning from Pro Release dresses strings, servings and other bow parts with an all-purpose long-lasting graphite/silicone wax lubricant. Comes in a handy tube for use in the field that is also ideal for hard-to-fit nocks, arrow tips, cams, wheels, axle, etc. Quickly penetrates and coats to reduce friction and wear. Works on wood, plastic, metal, rubber, and all string materials. Odorless, nontoxic and waterproof. Suggested retail price $5.95. Contact: Pro Release, Inc., Dept. FFG, 420 S. Water Street 275, Marine City, MI 48039; (810) 512-4120;


Sonny's DP Coni-Box

Sonny’s DP Coni-Box makes 220 Conibears dog-proof while maintaining the fur-catching capability. The dog-proof trigger is built into the box, and the back of the bait tube comes off for easy baiting. Where legal, it can be set about anywhere, serving as its own portable cubby. We tested it with our own dogs and also have trail camera footage of several dogs working it in the wild without it once firing. But when a coon reaches in the tube for the bait, it is in perfect position for a catch just behind the head. Costs $20 plus shipping. Contact: Doren Miller, Dept. FFG, 26500 Pike 244, Clarksville, MO 63336; (573) 242-3319.

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