New Products - October 2014

Flextone Echo HD

Flextone Echo HD 100 Electronic Game Call

Flextone® Echo HD 100 Electronic Game Call perfectly replicates the calls of numerous wild animals and birds. Highly advanced programmable unit lets you set up realistic hunting scenarios with directional speaker loudly projecting clear sound. Handheld remote good out to 300 yards. Both the base unit and remote have backlit LCD screens for easy sound selection day or night. Water-resistant and rubber-coated to stand up to all types of weather. Comes with 100 preloaded calls, rechargeable batteries and a docking station in the base unit for recharging the remote. Lanyard for easy carry; weighs 3 pounds. Suggested retail $229.99. Contact: Flextone Game Calls, Dept. FFG, 602 Fountain Pkwy., Grand Prairie, TX 75050; (800) 847-8269;


Leupold DeltaPoint 2

Leupold® DeltaPoint 2 sets the standard for red dot sights. Squared aspheric lens delivers the widest field of view and the best image quality ever in a red dot sight. DiamondCoat™ scratch-resistant lens with blackened edges for optimal clarity. Dot “bloom” is virtually eliminated, providing a crisp dot for precise aiming. Available in 3.5-MOA dot or 7.5-MOA with unlimited eye relief and 60-MOA adjustment that makes the DeltaPoint 2 perfect for a handgun, rifle or shotgun. Patented Motion Sensor Technology instantly activates the illumination and adjusts the brightness when something is “seen” moving in the scope, and you can manually adjust for a brighter or dimmer dot. Master on/off switch prevents battery drain during transport. Rugged magnesium housing is waterproof and shock-proof. Cross-slot mount fits on any Picatinny or Weaver-style base. Mounting kit includes plates for popular handguns. Battery can be replaced without removing the scope from the gun. Weight 0.9 ounces; height 1.2 inches; length 1.64 inches; width 1.22 inches. Leupold Lifetime Warranty with electronics covered by Leupold Golden Ring Warranty. Suggested retail $449.99. Contact: Leupold & Stevens, Inc., Dept. FFG, P.O. Box 688, Beaverton, OR 97075-0688; (800) 538-7653;


Solkoa Fastfire solid cupe tinder

SOLKOA Fastfire solid cube tinder can be lit with a flame or sparks to create a 1,300-degree wind-resistant blaze in a matter of seconds, ideal for getting a fire going in challenging conditions. The cubes will ignite even when floating on water. Each full block burns 10-12 minutes and can be cut into smaller pieces as needed; cut into 8 pieces, each will produce a flame for 2-3 minutes. Fastfire Kit includes a Faststrike 3-inch ferrocerium high-energy sparking rod and a 3-inch hardened-steel hacksaw blade. Besides acting as the striker for the sparking rod, the hacksaw can cut sticks and produce plenty of sawdust for use as tinder. More reliable than other strikers because there are no mechanical parts to break. Cubes come hermetically sealed in heavy-duty Mylar for long-term storage. Kit with 2 fire cubes costs $16.95. Kit with 4 cubes $19.95. Cubes sold separately at four for $7.95, eight for $10.45. Contact: SOLKOA, Dept. FFG, 3107 W. Colorado Ave. #256, Colorado Springs, CO 80904; (719) 634-1687;


ALPS OutdoorZ Quickdraw

ALPS OutdoorZ Quickdraw single-sling bowhunter pack offers “swing-around” access to quiver, gear pocket, and main compartment without having to take off the pack. Securely holds the bow with a drop-down pocket and lashing strap. More than 1,200 cubic inches of storage. Comes with a 2-liter hydration bladder, side webbing, and a D-ring clip to hang the pack while on stand. Realtree® Xtra® camo finish. Suggested price $79.99. Contact: ALPS OutdoorZ, Dept. FFG, 1 White Pine, New Haven, MO 63068; (800) 344-2577;


J.R. & Sons Addiction

J.R. and Sons Addiction was developed for those coyotes that just don’t want to work sets, whether they have been pressured by other trappers or simply are not interested. This go-to lure works at all types of sets in all types of weather—tested north, south, east and west. Attracts bobcat and fox, too. An ounce costs $5.50; 4 ounces $20. Contact: J.R. and Sons, Dept. FFG, 5338 Peru Center Rd. N., Monroeville, OH 44847; (419) 465-2193;


Mealspec gen 2 cooking bag

MEALSPEC™ GEN 2 Cooking Bag can prepare an entire meal in one spacious container. With water being the only added ingredient, the GEN 2 quickly rises to 220 degrees Fahrenheit and remains at a safe cooking temperature for up to 60 minutes, ensuring a fully cooked and not just heated meal. Ideal for frozen dinners. Perfect for camping, disaster preparedness, and more. Just open the resealable top of the bag, remove the packaging and insert the provided cooking device. Now add food in a sealed plastic bag or other heat-safe container. Add water, reseal the bag, and 15 to 60 minutes later you may enjoy a hot, cooked meal. Also may be used to sterilize water and utensils. Shelf life 5 years. Pleated bottom and carry handles incorporated into the 13-by-11-inch bag. Suggested retail $2.50 each. Contact: MealSpec, Dept. FFG, 880 U.S. Hwy. 301 S., Suite B, Jacksonville, FL 32234; (844) 632-5773;


MagicEzy Chip Fix

MagicEzy all-in-one industrial-strength fiberglass repair solutions fix and bond damage in one application without pre-repair sanding. Minor repairs may be done in as little as 10 seconds. The 9 Second Chip Fix and Hairline Fix both come in 11 popular boat colors. Also may be used on wood, ceramics, plastic, metal, glass and masonry. Pocket-size tube includes a built-in leveling device. Suggested retail price $24.99. Contact:



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