New Products - May 2014

Tube Baits

Red October Baits

Red October Baits premium soft plastics are perfect for fresh and saltwater predator fish, ranging in size from 7.5 inches up to 14-inch monsters tubes. Rip ’em, drag ’em, flip ’em or swim ’em—there is no wrong way to fish ’em. An array of rigging and harness options let you work the entire water column. Made with the highest grade plastics to enhance color and shine; they flash and sparkle like no other soft baits. Prices start at $6.99 for the 7.5-inch Ninja Tube up to $13.99 for the 14-inch Twisted Tube. Contact: Red October Baits, Dept. FFG, 5542 Juno Dr., Lake View, NY 14085; (716) 997-8970;


Benjamin Varmint Power Pack .22

Benjamin Varmint Power Pack break-barrel .22 air rifle uses patented Nitro Piston® technology to generate up to 950 ft/s velocity with 28 foot-pounds of impact energy, and the integrated sound suppression system enhances the noise reduction already provided by Nitro Piston technology. Rifled steel barrel delivers pinpoint accuracy. Adjustable two-stage trigger. Picatinny mounting rail for an optics package that includes the CenterPoint® 4x32mm riflescope, 90 Lumen LED flashlight, and a fast-acquisition laser. Lightweight ambidextrous stock with raised cheek piece and rubber recoil pad for comfort and control. MSRP $250. Contact: Crosman Corp, Dept. FFG, 7629 Routes 5 & 20, Bloomfield, NY 14469; (800) 724-7486;


swab-its bore-tips

Swab-its Bore-tips offer patchless firearm cleaning. Available in 6 rifle and pistol caliber sizes and 3 shotgun sizes. Easier, faster and simpler than traditional patches and jags. Delivers superior bore cleaning with 360-degree coverage and uniform application of oil for storage. Economical, washable and reusable, lint-free Bore-tips® are made of plastic foam over a plastic core that stands up to most gun-cleaning solvents. Color-coded for easy caliber identification. Threaded to fit standard 8/32 and 5/16-27 cleaning rods. Made in the USA. Priced from $6.98 to $9.98. Contact: Swab-its, Dept. FFG, 800 Worcester St., Springfield, MA 01151; (413) 543-1442;


Barnett Recruit Crossbow

Barnett Recruit Crossbow fits a young hunter, and with the adjustable cheekpiece and buttstock, it can “grow” with that youngster. Easy to handle with total length of 34.5 inches, 16 inches width, and 6.5 pounds weight. Yet provides plenty enough speed and power to hunt deer and other big game. With 140 pounds of draw and a 13-inch powerstroke, it fires 20-inch arrows at 300 feet a second. Custom composite laminated limbs. High-energy cam. Crosswire string and cable system for quiet, precise shot placement. Picatinny rail for rear sight. Finger guards pass through the foregrip. Metal Injection Mold 3.5-pound trigger, same as other premium Barnett bows. Anti-Dry-Fire system. Comes with a rope cocking device and also has a built-in attachment for installing optional crank-cocking device. Suggested retail $299. Contact: Barnett Crossbows, Dept. FFG, P.O. Box 1209, Tarpon Springs, FL 34688; (727) 234-4999;


Camp Chef Mountain Series

Camp Chef Mountain Series compact camp stoves work great wherever space is limited, and the two models’ unique features make one or the other ideal. The Rainer Camper Combo lets you cook on a grill, griddle, or stove top. Matchless ignition and micro adjust flame control. Total output 8,000 BTU for grill/griddle and 10,000 BTU for stove. Suggested retail $152. The Everest 2 Burner Stove’s high-pressure burners produce a total output of 40,000 BTU. Matchless ignition and micro-adjust flame control. Suggested retail $121. Contact: Camp Chef, Dept. FFG, 3985 N 75 W, Hyde Park, UT 84318; (800) 650-2433;

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