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PowerFish’N Pro

PowerFish'N Pro

PowerFish’N Pro combines a spinning reel with a powerful yet quiet battery-powered motor. Originally built to assist a fisherman who had suffered a stroke, the PowerFish’N Pro allows anyone to fish with just one hand, giving the option to manually crank in line or retrieve it automatically with the touch of a switch. The Shakespeare reel features a graphite body, multi-disc drag system, precision die-cast gears and rotor with metal side cover. Easily attaches to any spinning rod; powered by four AA batteries. Suggested retail $199.95. Contact: Rock Island Equipment Co., Dept. FFG, 1201 7th St., East Moline, IL 61244;


Winchester AA Traacker shotgun shell

Winchester AA TrAAcker shotgun shell features a highly visible wad that stays with the shot, making it possible to track the shot string and quickly determine where a shot missed, making it easier to adjust and nail the next flying target. The innovative wad captures 1/8-ounce of shot, making it front-heavy so it flies true; then the long, notched petals stabilize spin in flight to ensure the wad remains true to the center of the pattern downrange. Holds 1-1/8 ounces of shot, same as a standard 2-3/4-ounce AA shotshell. Available in orange for overcast days with dark backdrops and black for clear skies and light backdrops. Contact: Winchester Ammunition, Dept. FFG, 600 Powder Mill Rd., East Alton, IL 62024;


Huntworth Arsenal Gloves

Huntworth Arsenal Gloves are ideal on the warm days when camo gloves are still a good idea for hunting. The back of the glove is water resistant, the palm windproof and breathable. Silicon print on the palm provides a sure grip. Antimicrobial treatment reduces human scent. Seamless, wrap-around fingertips allow sensitive feel while index finger and thumb “touch tips” even allow the use of a touch-screen device without removing the gloves. Curved fingers and a hook-and-loop adjustable closure on the cuff make a secure glove that fits like a second skin. In Huntworth’s own Oak Tree EVO™ camo pattern. Suggested retail price $24.99. Contact: Huntworth, Dept. FFG, RJ Casey Industrial Park, Columbus Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15233; (412) 325-7875;


Johnny Stewart Wildlife Call

Attractor Johnny Stewart Wildlife Call packs plenty of features in an inexpensive, compact digital unit. Each handheld call comes with five programmed 30-second Johnny Stewart 16-bit sounds that can be played in a continuous loop for nonstop action. The base unit 8-ohm, .5-watt speaker pivots 180 degrees for directional calling. Handheld remote has a range of 50 yards, allowing hunters to set the call far enough away to draw attention from themselves. Remote is powered by a 12-volt battery; base unit runs on four AA batteries, all included. Comes with a holster for the remote and a belt clip for the base unit, also a loop for hanging from tree or brush. Five models, including two predator versions, turkey, deer, and crow. Suggested retail $44.99. Contact: Hunter’s Specialties, Dept. FFG, 6000 Huntington Court NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402; (319) 395-0321;


Benjamin Marauder Synthetic

Benjamin Marauder Synthetic is a powerful, ruggedly built air rifle, same as the original hardwood-stocked Benjamin Marauder. However, the all-weather synthetic stock makes for a lighter rifle, and the ambidextrous raised comb is adjustable for better fit. Also has better balance for easier carry in the field and better off-hand shooting. Choked, internally shrouded rifled barrel delivers both pinpoint accuracy and ultra-quiet shooting. Two-stage adjustable match-grade trigger for smooth, steady pull. Larger bolt for easier operation and a multi-round rotary magazine for fast follow-up shots. Built-in pressure gauge and quick-disconnect Foster fittings for quick and easy filling of the precharged pneumatic (PCP) reservoir. Chambered in .177, .22 and .25; muzzle velocities range from 900 to 1,100 feet a second with 16-30 shots per fill, depending on caliber, pellet weight and velocity. Suggested retail $599 to $649. Contact: Crosman, Dept. FFG, 7629 Routes 5 & 20, Bloomfield, NY 14469; (800) 724-7486;


Trophy Totes

Trophy Totes soft-sided cooler is designed specifically to transport the head and cape of a deer or other trophy animal from the field to the taxidermist for mounting. Flaps seal around the base of the antlers to lock in the cold, protecting your trophy until final preservation. Quality insulation and industrial-grade liner tested by a third-party laboratory for quality assurance. May be used as a regular cooler to carry food and drink when not being used to transport a trophy. Mossy Oak® licensed product in the latest camouflage patterns. Suggested retail: $149. Contact: Trophy Totes (409) 781-2329;


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