New Products - June 2013

Redfield Revenge
Ballistic Riflescope

Redfield Revenge riflescopes with dial-n-shoot

Redfield Revenge riflescopes with Dial-N-Shoot™ ballistically calibrated dials take the guesswork out of long-range accuracy. Every Dial-N-Shoot Redfield Revenge scope comes with five pre-engraved Bullet Drop Compensation elevation dials that match the trajectory of the five most common factory-loaded hunting cartridges. Before going to the range or out on a hunt, simply install the dial that matches the ammunition. Also features Redfield’s Accu-Plex™ reticle for easy ranging; adjust the magnification until the game fits in the bracketing feature, and then read the distance indicated in the top post. Once the distance is known, simply turn the D-N-S elevation dial to the correct yardage, center the reticle, and press the trigger. Tick marks every 2 MOA on the horizontal stadia provide accurately repeatable wind holds. Redfield Revenge is also offered with Accu-Ranger® reticles for estimating holdover with popular cartridges. Simply adjust magnification until the game fits in the proper bracket (varmint, deer or elk). Now read the range in the top post, zoom to maximum magnification, and use the correct holdover to take the shot. ABS reticles also available for crossbows, sabot shotgun loads and muzzleloaders. Waterproof, shockproof, fog-proof, and covered by the Redfield No Excuses™ lifetime warranty. Retail price $199.99. Contact: Redfield, Dept. FFG, P.O. Box 688, Beaverton, OR 97075-0688; (877) 798-9686;


Master Wolfer by Gary Strader

Master Wolfer by Gary Strader shares 40 years of professional coyote hunting and trapping experience, coast to coast and border to border. This down-to-earth book includes rarely revealed in-depth information about coyote behavior, calling, calling dogs, trapping, snaring, and equipment. Will teach you how to trap and call the educated coyotes we all deal with today. Ever wonder what someone who spends his day-to-day life in the predator control business knows about coyotes? Order this 84-page book and find out. Send $25, which also covers first-class shipping, to: Gary Strader, BG Ranch, Dept. FFG, HC 32 Box 532, Quemado, NM 87829; (505) 286-6472;


Insect Shield Repellent outdoor blanket

Insect Shield Repellent Outdoor Blanket safeguards you from ticks and other insects with odorless and effective patent-pending technology. Machine-washable with no special care required and no use restrictions. Ideal for camping, the beach, or just sitting out in the backyard. Measures 56 inches by 74 inches, yet weighs a mere 18 ounces. Suggested retail: $29.95. Contact: Insect Shield, Dept. FFG, 814 W Market St., Greensboro, NC 27401; (866) 712-7110;


Vapor maker scent dispersal

Vapor Maker scent dispersal is based on how scent is deposited on a deer’s nose and how the deer then intakes that scent. Odors are actually fine molecules carried by air currents, which the deer’s wet nose gathers. That’s why deer lick their noses several times a minute to keep them moist. Vapor Maker uses a pressure pump with a special atomizing tip to mist scents, putting them in the air in the smallest particles possible. While other companies try to make scents that override the deer’s naturally incredible sense of smell, we make a dispersal system that works with nature to fool the deer’s nose. 16-ounce unit is lightweight and durable in a Cordura camo cover with adjustable strap. Vapor Trail Scents makes all-natural scents especially formulated for the Vapor Maker, and a built-in filter lets you use any scent you like. Suggested retail $30. Contact: Vapor Trail Scents, Dept. FFG, 17 Gonzales Rd., Roxie, MS 39661; (618) 708-2275;


Dry dudz

Dry Dudz combine revolutionary Quick Dry wikTec™ material with a Quick Mount System™ to make the fastest drying, most comfortable clothing for playing in and out of the water. Dry Dudz mixes fashion with functionality to create a new breed of performance clothing for men and women. Shorts securely clip to the inner liner and can be worn low to show off the waistband or high for a sporty fit. The liner wicks away moisture from the inside out, keeping the skin dry all day. Four-way stretch polyester-nylon lets boardshorts move with the body. Antibacterial treatment prevents odors forming, which reduces the need for washing. Men’s boardshorts come in five graphic designs; suggested retail $75 for shorts plus liner. Women’s trunks and bikinis fit any body shape and can be worn high for sports or rolled low for a great tan; suggested retail $65. Contact: Dry Dudz, Dept. FFG, 8714 Deer Run, Lenexa, KS 66220; (913) 488-0590;


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