New Products - June 2013

i-Kam Xtreme Video Glasses

i-kam xtreme video glasses

Hunter’s Specialties i-KAM XTREME video glasses let you capture the moment with an advanced built-in mobile video recorder. Easy one-button operation. Built-in microphone automatically captures sounds. Videos can be viewed by simply plugging into a PC or MAC computer with the supplied USB cable. 4GB of internal memory for up to two hours of recording play time. Also accepts a 32GB micro SD card for additional capacity. Comes with wall charger, the USB cable, carrying case, cleaning cloth, clear and polarized black lenses. Polarized amber and brown lenses also available. Frames come in Realtree AP, flat or gloss black. Suggested retail $109.99. Contact: Hunter’s Specialties, Dept. FFG, 6000 Huntington Court NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402; (319) 395-0321;


Mineral Mizer

Mineral Mizer moisture activation lets you hang the bag, wet it and forget it for up to one year. Just load the bag with one of Mineral Mizer’s species-specific mixes (or another mineral of your choice). Then, hang it on a branch or other elevated location where the constant drip replenishes a mineral lick on the ground beneath the bag. That lick will keep deer coming back to the same spot, greatly increasing your chance to set up the perfect shot. UV-resistant bag is also resistant to harsh weather and wildlife pests. Can last up to a full year before you have to maintain it again, eliminating the contamination of the area with your human scent. Suggested retail $12.99. Contact: Mineral Mizer Bag, Dept. FFG, 1383 Industrial Dr., P.O. Box 694, Ashburn, GA 31714; (229) 567-0751;


Montana Decoy Papa Strut

Montana Decoy Papa Strut, the company’s first 3D turkey, combines the photo realism of an actual wild turkey in strut with lightweight foldable materials for the most innovative turkey decoy available today. Two-piece design quickly and quietly transforms from vest pocket or pouch to life-size strutting tom. No carry bag needed and no fragile mounts to break. To stow, simply fold back up to a tiny 11-inch circle with a thickness of less than 3 inches and slide it back in the vest. Takes up less space than a rain jacket; weighs less than a water bottle. Suggested retail $74.99. Contact: Montana Decoy Co., Dept. FFG, P.O. Box 447, Edgefield, SC 29824; (888) 332-6998;


MTM Survivor Ammo Can

MTM Survivor Ammo Can provides secure water-tight underground storage for ammo, handguns, valuables, survival gear or an emergency food stash. Fill it, seal it, bury it and know that it will be there when needed. Bucket-style body with double O-ring sealed lid and cap holds up to 600 rounds of .45 ACP or 500 rounds with the handgun. Includes Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Poly Bag and Desiccant Pack. Inside diameter 7 inches, height 12.5 inches; outside diameter 10 inches, height 13.5 inches. Retail price $29.98. Contact: MTM, Dept. FFG, 3370 Obco Ct., Dayton, OH 45414; (937) 890-7461;


Do-Ral Red Hen turkey call

Do-Ral Red Hen features a red acrylic sound track that produces deep and raspy clucks along with clear, sharp, or mellow tones. The versatile new call stands alone or makes a great companion to the Do-Ral Aluma Hen. Make her cluck, putt, purr, aggressive purr, yelp or tree call with one hand, using either a thumb or index finger. The shallow notch makes soft, seductive yelps, purrs, tree yelps, whines, etc. The center notch makes more excited higher pitched yelps, aggressive purrs and clucks. The deeper notch cuts or clucks by varying the down pressure. Use two hands for more volume and to make excited calls such as the fly-down cackle or kee-kee. The Red Hen is the old gobbler’s worst enemy but sounds like his best girl. Field tested spring and fall. Price $24.95. Contact: Do-Ral Turkey Calls, Dept. FFG, 12869 Meyers Rd., Chaffee, NY 14030; (716) 496-7286.


Winner's Choice 8190 Xtreme Bowstring

Winner’s Choice 8190 Xtreme Bowstring is made of TS90 grade Dyneema, the strongest synthetic fiber for bowstring construction. Requires less shooting to break in (as few as three shots). Improves consistency and accuracy with no creep, no peep rotation, and no serving separation. Patented Weatherlock™ weather-proofing technology. For more information, contact: Winner’s Choice Strings, Inc., Dept. FFG, 58000 Industrial Park Rd., John Day, OR 97845; (541) 575-0818;


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