New Products - March 2013


MOJO Double Trouble

Flex-Hone from Brush Research Manufacturing cleans and polishes firearm chambers with small, abrasive globules on flexible nylon filaments. With the Flex-Hone chucked in any power drill, you can quickly and safely clean out corrosion, blend scratches, nicks and pits to leave the chamber polished to a mirror finish. Even a new rifle may arrive with small pits and occlusions in the chamber, and anything less than a highly polished chamber can create ejection problems and scarring of brass cases. Available in a variety of grits and sizes to fit the caliber of most guns. The forcing cone in a shotgun barrel can be polished using a specially designed tapered hone. Suggested retail starts at $18. Contact: Brush Research Mfg., Dept. FFG, 4642 Floral Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90022; (323) 261-2193;


Camillus SK Mountain survival/utility knife

Camillus SK Mountain survival/utility knife is built around a 4-3/4-inch-long, 15/16-inch-wide, 1/8-inch-thick Carbonitride Titanium bonded blade with an extra-strong drop-tip bevel design. The 440-stainless steel has a full 3-3/4-inch cutting surface and 1 inch of exceptionally efficient saw teeth. The handle is glass-filled polypropylene with thermoplastic rubber inserts for excellent grip. Robust steel pommel is checkered for a non-slip surface, making it a safe hammer for survival chores. The ballistic nylon automatic-lock retaining sheath includes a signal mirror mounted on a fold-out compartment suited for small items such as matches, sewing kit, fish hooks, medication, etc. The sheath also includes a highly functional pull-through blade sharpener, fire starter, miniature LED flashlight and signal whistle. Ten feet of nylon cord comes wrapped behind the mirror and sharpener. Stretch nylon pocket on the back contains survival tips from Les Stroud. One-piece blade and handle construction for greater strength than knives with tube-handle storage. Overall length 10 inches; weight 9 ounces. Suggested retail: $49.99. Contact: Camillus Knives, Dept. FFG, 60 Round Hill Rd., Fairfield, CT 06824; (800) 835-2263;


Hodgdon 2013 Annual Manual

Hodgdon 2013 Annual Manual includes new information for 37 cartridges including recently developed .17 Hornet data. Hundreds of added handloads in 19 cartridges featuring Hodgdon CFE®223 Copper Fouling Eraser powder. Seven pages of detailed descriptions of Hodgdon®, IMR® and Winchester® powders. More than 56 pages of articles from well-known gun writers; 160 pages total with photos, charts and graphs; suggested retail price: $8.99. Contact: Hodgdon Powder Co., Dept. FFG, 6430 Vista Dr., Shawnee, KS 66218; (913) 362-9455;


Jenlis FeedSavr

FeedSavr from Jenlis keeps unwanted critters out of bird feeders. Simply pull on the rope to raise three feeders up a 10.5-foot aluminum pole and secure them out of reach. Reverse the process to lower feeders for easy filling and cleaning. The Squirrel Deflector prevents critters climbing the pole. If they try to get around the barrier, it tips and drops them to the ground. Three-section pole can be erected in a yard or on a deck. (Deck mount sold separately; feeders not included.) Suggested retail price: $129.95. Contact: Jenlis, Inc., Dept. FFG, 902 E Second St., Winona, MN 55987; (877) 356-6455;


ICOtec Call of the Wild Gc300

ICOtec Call of the Wild GC300 remote-control digital player features many of the same performance features as higher-priced callers including 300 yards of remote control range; 120dB 15-watt horn speaker; and the ability to play two sounds at the same time from a dozen field-proven 24-bit sound files by Wildlife Technologies (a world leader in bioacoustics since 1982).Each unit is lightweight and compact enough to fit in a pack. Built-in top handle designed for easy one-hand carry. Suggested retail $74.99. For more information, contact: ICOtec LLC, Dept. FFG, 5247 Secor Rd., Suite 5, Toledo, OH 43623; (419) 472-3300 ext. 113;


Muskrat Disks

Muskrat Disks in green or white soft plastic may be impaled on the triggers of bodygrip traps to attract muskrats to under-ice sets. For more information, send SASE to: Jerry Houtler, Dept. FFG, N19W27017 Fieldhack Dr., Pewaukee, WI 53072-5439.


America Stone sharpener

America Stone compact three-edge blade sharpener produces an incredibly sharp edge, is easily cleaned with any scouring powder, and comes with a Cordura belt sheath. Sized to fit in the pouch of military knives, such as the USAF pilot survival knife. Price is $29.95, postpaid; $25 each for three or more, postpaid. Contact: Tech America, Dept. FFG, P.O. Box 702, Greenfield, IN 46140;


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