New Products - January 2013

MOJO Double Trouble

MOJO Double Trouble

MOJO Double Trouble combines a high-end digital game caller with their proven Critter motion decoy. Designed by Mr. Predator himself as a Byron South Signature Series product. Comes with 50 Byron South real animal sounds and will hold up to 950 more sounds. Fully programmable; download any sound and then arrange the sounds in any order. Four Hot Buttons store “go to” sounds at the desired volumes. State-of-the-art caller and motion decoy both remotely controlled at up to 250 yards. High-fidelity sound system with external speaker port to kick up the volume. Critter decoy top magnetically connects and disconnects for quick deployment; conveniently stores in handle for easy carry. Retractable tripod legs let you raise the unit above tall grass to enhance decoy visibility. Powered by AA batteries (regular or rechargeable; comes with Smart Charger). Battery status meter on both caller and remote. Suggested retail $399.99. Contact: Mojo Outdoors, Dept. FFG, 623 Hwy 594, Monroe, LA 71203; (866) 216-6656;


Mark June's Lures Master craft MJ 36 Bobcat Stretcher

Mark June’s Lures Master Craft MJ 36 Bobcat Stretcher features a high-quality galvanized spring steel upper section attached to a tapered-edge basswood lower section. Specifically designed to increase pelt value by maximizing pelt length from the narrow neck area. Top trappers know that 36 inches is the magic number for bobcats. Stretch (L) bobcats to 36 inches (XL) and watch your fur check grow. The overall 60-inch length and 10-inch adjustable base assure a uniform top-dollar finish for any size bobcat. Retail cost $22.50; $130 per 1/2-dozen; $250 per dozen (plus shipping). Contact: Mark June’s Lures, Dept. FFG, P.O. Box 69, Fort Calhoun, NE 68023; (402) 468-4336;


Primos Trigger Stick

Primos Trigger Stick adjusts to desired height with just one hand and the pull of a trigger—the fastest way yet to get on target and stay steady while taking a shot. The Short Bi Pod Trigger Stick is a lightweight height-adjustable (from 23-1/2 to 32-1/2 inches) gun rest and optical gear mount, perfect for sitting or kneeling and ideal for turkey or predator hunting on the ground. Comes with a detachable V yoke. The Trigger Stick fits 1/4-inch-20 and 3/8-inch-16 threaded fixtures for securing optical gear. Perfect for cameras, spotting scopes, binoculars, laser rangefinders and almost any mountable device. Suggested retail price $89.99. Contact: Primos Hunting, Dept. FFG, 604 First St., Flora, MS 39071; (601) 879-9323;


Gene Larew Lures Rattlin Crawler

Gene Larew Lures Rattlin’ Crawler 4.25-inch low-profile soft plastic bait with hollow body chamber, exaggerated arm angles and oversized paddles has quietly made a loud entry into the bass fishing scene. A top-quality 7mm glass rattle with a single large ball (made in America exclusively for Larew) comes already inserted into each bait. The rattle’s loudness is amplified by a hollow body cavity. Available in 10 colors; packaged six baits to each resealable bag. Suggested retail $6.99. Contact: Gene Larew Lures, Dept. FFG, 10702 E 11th St., Tulsa, OK 74128; (800) 937-7258;


Snipe Hunt GunMitt

GunMitt by Snipe Hunt provides a uniquely simple solution to the age-old winter problem of cold shotgun hands with the warmth of a mitten that does not impair dexterity. Gloves of all types fail in extreme cold simply because each finger is on its own, and there is a lot of surface area for the wind to work. With GunMitt, fingers stay together to keep the heat. A 15-minute test was conducted holding a shotgun in 33-degree Fahrenheit air, an 8 mph wind and light snow. GunMitt maintained an internal temperature of 86 degrees while an insulated shooting glove lost more than 31 degrees. Fits on all shotgun actions for left- or right-hand shooters without any modification to the gun. Sight lines remain clear. Shooter’s hand slides in and out without assistance from the other hand. Neoprene outer layer, synthetic insulation and a synthetic liner (same as a performance sock). Small pocket inside may hold a heat pack on very cold days. Available in camouflage, blaze orange, and snow white. Made in the USA; suggested retail price $42. Contact: (913) 390-3924;


Tru-Trip Deep Diver by Big Fish Tuff Tackle

Tru-Trip Deep Diver by Big Fish Tuff Tackle is ideal for salmon or walleye in deep lakes or rivers. Takes lures to 40-50 feet. Diver cruises along on the line ahead of the lure until a fish strikes. Upon hook-up, the diver instantly releases and aligns with the fishing line so you fight the fish and not the diver. Different attachment points fine-tune depth. Also can be adjusted for boat speed, bait weight, and even set to release on the minimum weight of fish you want to catch (don’t get greedy). Small, lightweight, tough and easy to use with bright colors, reflective glitter and rattles that attract fish. If the line breaks without a fish on, the unit will float to the surface for easy recovery. Guaranteed leak-proof electronic-welded hi-impact plastic in Chartreuse, Purple Power, Orange, Blood Red, Stealth Smoke and Clear. All hardware is stainless steel; 100-percent American made. Suggested retail $11.99 for 40-foot model (4 inches long) and $13.99 for 50-foot model (7 inches long). Weight 1.4 and 3.2 ounces, respectively. Contact: Big Fish Tuff Tackle Co., Dept. FFG, P.O. Box 153, Coldwater, OH 45828; (419) 678-8299;


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