New Products - September 2012


SoundGear by LePierre hearing protection

SoundGear™ by LaPierre high-tech electronic hearing protection combines instant-fit convenience with the comfort of a custom-fit in-ear device. Delivers state-of-the-art performance for shooters seeking both hearing protection and sound enhancement. Digital processing fully protects hearing while allowing the wearer to tune into his environment with enhanced hearing, lower noise levels and less feedback. Elastomeric sleeve provides easy-to-wear comfort, unlike bulky earmuffs and other earplugs; ready to wear right out of the box. Noise Reduction Rating 25dB. List price $599. Contact: SoundGear, Dept. FFG, 6700 Washington Ave. S, Eden Prairie, MN 55344-3476; (800) 769-8605;


Picasso Lures School E Rig

Picasso Lures School E Rig system lets you match all fishing conditions. The full-size 8-inch umbrella rig weighs 7/16-ounce and is perfect for presenting larger swimbaits. Junior rig, at 3/8-ounce and 6.75 inches, is better for scaled-down presentations and precise casting. Finesse rig, at 5 inches and 1/8-ounce, is best for finicky bites. The 5-inch Panfish rig is available with swimbaits or without for using live baits. Snap swivel makes it easy to exchange one bait for another; embedded swivel at the line tie reduces line twist. Smartmouth Fish Heads are available with 2X Strong Gamakatsu or Mustad Ultra Point hooks. All head sizes (1/16-, 1/8-, 3/16-, 1/4- and 3/8-ounce) offered with larger hooks for precise weighting, regardless of the size swimbait. Dummy Heads even let you rig some swimbaits with no hooks at all, to keep the fish-triggering “school” look without violating restrictions on the number of hooks allowed on a line. Suggested retail price $22.99. Contact: Picasso Lures LLC, Dept. FFG, 263 Old Indiana Road, Josephine, PA 15750; (724) 409-4400;


Lehigh Group Secureline Digital Camouflage Poly Rope and Visiflect Reflective Rope

Lehigh Group Secureline® Digital Camouflage Poly Rope and Visiflect™ Reflective Rope ushers in a new generation of cordage. Camo rope offered in Woodland Hills, a predominantly brown rope with braids of tan, dark green, rust and gray; Snowy Mountain combines black, silver and white; Mossy Fields blends shades of green, tan and black. Regardless of coloration, the diamond-braided polypropylene offers smooth touch, low abrasion and superior durability; it also floats. Offered in 5/32-inch with a safe working load of 60 pounds; 1/4-inch, tested to 110 pounds; 5/16-inch, tested to 145 pounds. Visiflect Reflective Rope improves safety in low-visibility situations with woven-in silver tracers that reflect light from up to 200 feet away. During the day, the ropes stand out with brilliant Caution Yellow and Safety Orange color. Available in 5/32-inch with a safe working load of 50 pounds and 1/4-inch, tested to 95 pounds. Suggested retail prices start at $5.99. Contact: Lehigh Group, Dept. FFG, 2834 Schoeneck Rd., Macungie, PA 18062; (800) 523-9382;


TenPoint RangeMaster Pro Scope

TenPoint RangeMaster Pro™ Scope features a variable-speed arrow drop-compensation setting for crossbows that shoot anywhere between 275 and 365 feet a second. No adjustment for distance required. The configuration consists of three duplex crosshairs and four dots calibrated for 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards. The fourth dot is free standing, situated just below the 40-yard crosshair. This compact and lightweight 8.25-inch aluminum scope features a 30mm tube for heightened light gathering and durability. Etched glass reticules and fully multi-coated 1.5-5x optics reduce the loss of light transmission caused by reflection and scattering. It’s as good as current technology can produce, with excellent field of view. Offered with black dots or illuminated red or green dots. Five-position rheostat controls light intensity and color. Suggested retail price $299. Contact: TenPoint Crossbow, Dept. FFG, 1325 Waterloo Road, Mogadore, OH 44260; (800) 548-6837;




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