New Products - April 2011

Coghlan Pack Axe

Coghlan Pack Axe is lightweight and compact for packing into camp for light chores like chopping kindling. Fully hardened 50-55 HRC steel edge. Non-slip rubber grip. Black nylon sheath with Velcro®-style closures and belt loop. Total length 10 inches; weight 1 pound. Contact: Coghlan’s Ltd., Dept. FFG, 121 Irene St., Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3T 4C7; (877) 264-4526;


Cass Creek Mini Coyote Squeaker

Mini Coyote Squeaker is the perfect addition to the Mega Amp Coyote Call from Cass Creek. Light and compact to fit comfortably in hand or conveniently strap to a firearm, belt or pack. Easy to use push-button operation features Instant Interrupt so you can quickly control the call and call sequence. Comes with five authentic live-recorded animal sounds: Turkey Poult (the distress sound a lost poult makes calling for adult birds;) Pup Whine (a domestic puppy whining/whimpering); Grouse Distress (the alarm of a grouse in danger); Rat Distress (the defense sounds a cornered rat makes); and Rodent Distress. Cass Creek quality ensures many seasons of reliable performance. Contact: Cass Creek, Dept. FFG, 484 W. Welch Ct., Traverse City, MI 49686; (800) 891-3660;



ZCORR FSP bags inhibit rusting of properly stored firearms. The bag is impregnated with non-toxic chemicals that form a corrosion-preventing layer on metal surfaces that dissipates as soon as the firearm is removed from the bag; no cleaning necessary. The anti-corrosion remains effective for about five years if the bag is opened and closed frequently; up to 20 years for a bag that is not opened and closed often. Just slide clean gun into bag and close the Velcro seal. Contact: ZCORR Products, Dept. FFG, Heritage Packaging, 625 Fishers Run, Victor, NY 14564; (585) 742-3310;


FoxPro Jack Attack motion decoy

FoxPro Jack Attack remote-controlled motion decoy simulates two distressed animals at once to entice wary predators in close enough for you to make the shot. Simultaneously swings a bird topper that resembles a woodpecker while also moving a jack topper that imitates a rabbit or rodent. Remote control operates on/off, variable speed, and LED on/off for nighttime use (can also be operated manually). Has a jack for use with your FoxPro remote caller (if preferred). Breaks down for easy portability by simply removing the stake and toppers. Contact: FoxPro Inc., 14 Fox Hollow Drive, Lewistown, PA 17044; (717) 248-2507;


MAD Boom Box turkey call

MAD Boom Box turkey box call packs the megawatts necessary to reach out and grab that old tom with blaring volume. Lightweight one-piece poplar box with cherry paddle produces great yelps, cutts, clucks and purrs. Home grown, machined, and tuned right here in the USA. Available this spring at better sporting goods retailers. Value priced with a suggested retail of $19.99. For more information on the new MAD Boom Box Turkey Call and other Flambeau Outdoors products, phone: (800) 457-5252; or visit:


Tipton Rapid Deluxe Bore Guide Kit

Tipton RAPID Deluxe Bore Guide Kit protects the chamber and bore during cleaning by reducing rod bowing and also prevents solvent leaking into the action. But what sets the RAPID apart from other bore guides is a unique patch insertion and retention device that holds patches in place by simply sliding a rear guide into a port. This allows easy solvent application and jag penetration; the patch releases as the rod is advanced forward. Accommodates patches from .17 to 45 caliber. In addition to the RAPID device, the kit includes: two guide tubes (one standard, one extra long), two chamber collars (one for bolt rifles, one for AR-15s), three brass muzzle guides, a 10/22 slip-on .920-inch muzzle guide, three tapered chamber guide tips, a rear guide tube end with solvent port, two pipettes for applying solvent, and a hard case to keep everything organized. Contact: Tipton Gun Cleaning Supplies, Dept. FFG, 5885 W. Van Horn Tavern Rd., Columbia, MO 65203; (573) 445-9200;


Johnny Stewart Estrus Whimper

Estrus Whimper from Johnny Stewart Wildlife Calls can produce all of the sounds of a female coyote during breeding season, as well as the sounds of a coyote pup-in-distress. Coyotes are very territorial and when they hear the sound of a female being bred, they can’t resist coming in to challenge the “intruder.” The pup-in-distress call also triggers a strong response as they come in to protect a juvenile animal. The Estrus Whimper is built on the Mac Daddy platform, which makes it easy to operate. Simply blow into the call while depressing a lever, which puts pressure on the internal reed. When more pressure is applied, the pitch gets higher. Contact: Hunter’s Specialties, Dept. FFG, 6000 Huntington Court Northeast, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402; (319) 395-0321;


Duracoat Shake n spray finishing kit

Shake ’N Spray™ DuraCoat® Finishing Kit let’s you restore any firearm as easy as 1-2-3 with the exclusive Prep ’N Spray™ system. Just degrease with the included TruStrip and scrubbing pad, mix DuraCoat in the provided jar, and use the Preval Aerosol Sprayer to apply DuraCoat like an aerosol. No need for an airbrush or other spray equipment. Kit includes 4 ounces of DuraCoat and LCW TruStrip Cleaner/Degreaser. Available in a variety of finish colors. Contact: Lauer Custom Weaponry/DuraCoat Products, Dept. FFG, 3601 129th St., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729; (800) 830-6677;


Redding Reloading national match die set

National Match die set from Redding Reloading Equipment meet the direct needs of the military match shooter with specialized die sets in .223 Remington, .308 Winchester, and .30-06 Springfield. All feature a full-length sizing die, a Redding Competition Seating Die, and a taper crimp die for use in military match-style semi-auto rifles. These die sets were produced as a direct result of requests of military match shooters who formerly bought the dies individually. Redding offers unique solutions to improve the accuracy, consistency and reliability of handloaded ammunition. For more information and a current color catalog, contact: Redding Reloading Equipment, Dept. FFG, 1089 Starr Road, Cortland, NY 13045; (607) 753-3331;


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