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June 2023


MINK RAISING BY A R HARDING. Tells how to select breeding stock, selecting a location, housing and feeding of mother and young. Send $6.95 + $5 p/h to: FUR-FISH-GAME, 2878 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43209. Order online along with all our other books, videos and other merchandise at www.furfishgame.com


FREE CATALOG: Chicks, turkeys, ducklings, goslings, guineas, gamebirds, bantams, equipment. Hoffman Hatchery, Box 129H, Gratz, PA 17030. www.hoffmanhatchery.com (717) 365-3694.


SNARING FOR SURVIVAL provides a lifetime of trapping and survivalist knowledge from noted outsdoorsman and snare man Newt Sterling. 120 page manual. MSRP $29.95 for paperback; hardcover $34.95. Contact: SnareOne, 7 Bates Ln, Port Republic, NJ 08241. (609) 338-7011; www. snareone.com

FREE ONLINE originally printed in the 1930’s Herbert Lenon Trapping Books. The best trapping methods for coyote, fox, bobcat, raccoon, beaver, otter, mink, muskrat, skunk and weasel. Written by the most innovative trapper of the last century. www.lenonlures.com

CAMP & TRAIL METHODS BY E KREPS. How to erect tents and shelters, build permanent log camps, make hunting boats, canoes, skis, toboggans, pack baskets and trail sleds along with other information about camping equipment. Send $7.95 plus $5.50 postage & handling to: FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine, 2878 East Main Street, Columbus, OH 43209. Order online along with all our other books, videos, and merchandise at www.furfishgame.com

FFG COPIES FOR SALE - January 1980 through December 2020. Some issues missing. Call for pricing and availability (517) 726-1229.
910 TRAPPER MAGAZINES - Dated from 1980 to Present. Fur Fish Game, Predator Caller, Texas Fur Trails, Fur Takers, America Trapper, NTA, Post, Trappers World. Make offer, you pay postage or you pick up. Bill Miller (218) 335-2320.


WILDTHINGS FUR HATS - S2471 Highway 131, LaFarge, WI 54639. Hats, mittens, earmuffs, headbands, anything you want made with your own fur or ours. Free brochure. (608) 625-4181. www.wildthings.com


SQUIRREL DOGS - COON DOGS. Mountain Feists, Mountain Curs. WWW.SQUIRRELDOGDYNASTY.COM Ashland, Ohio, we ship. Email squirreldogdynasty@gmail.com or call (419) 689-9635.


SPEARFISHING SUPPLIES.  Frog gigs, spearheads, spear fishing supplies. Free catalog - call (570) 383-2083.


WANTED: DEER TAILS, squirrel tails up to .50 cents each, Hungarian partridge skins, turkey feathers, antlers, beaver castors, many more byproducts needed. For price list -info@whitefoxfur-feather.com, (507) 869-3877. White Fox Fur & Feather Co, 300 Main St S, Pemberton, MN 56078.



GOSPEL PIANO CDs. Hymns, gospel songs from yesteryear! No singing. Jacky Campbell, 216 Spokane Rd, Natchez, MS 39120. bennycampbell495@yahoo.com Free brochure.


5 DAY GUIDED WILDERNESS DEER, ELK, AND BEAR HUNTS. Big Sky Guide and Outfitters of Montana LLC. rowdybigsky@yahoo.com or call (406) 794-2217. License MT#17010.


STRATIFIED GINSENG SEED - Excellent quality, ready for planting 2023. Also, premium ginseng capsules, 100% pure ginseng, 100/520 gm per bottle $15.00 per bottle ppd. Barry Anker, 12396 Lover’s Lane, Caroline, WI 54928. (715) 853-7154.

GINSENG AND OTHER MEDICINAL PLANTS BY AR HARDING. A historical book of valuable information for growers as well as collectors of medicinal roots, barks, leaves and much more. Instructions on growing, cultivating marketing and recognizing ginseng, goldenseal, cohash, pokeweed wild cherry and many other valuable roots and herbs. Still one of our best selling books. Send: $11.95 plus $5.00 s&h to: FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine, 2878 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43209.


LENON LURES - Serving Trapper’s continuously since 1924! FREE shipping offer on website. For dealer list, product and trapping information please visit www.lenonlures.com or email: john.chagnon@lenonlures.com (989) 876-2646.

50 YEARS A HUNTER AND TRAPPER by E N Woodcock. Gain a vast store of knowledge of outdoor life through 50 years of experience of veteran trapper/hunter E N Woodcock. 318 pages. Send $8.95 + $5.00 shipping & handling to: FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine, 2878 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43209. Order online along with all our other books, videos and merchandise at www.furfishgame.com

TRAPPERS: For the best selection of quality traps, lures, baits, books, boots, knives and other trapping accessories at great prices, visit us www.pcsoutdoors.com or call (989) 569-3482. We are Trappers serving Trappers.

FUR-FISH-GAME Classified Ads is how you get things done right! Only $1.45/word.

QUARLES TURTLE TRAPS - Quality handmade snapping turtle traps. Alfred Bradford, 4665 Back Shelltown Rd, Marion Station, MD 21838. email: marumscoal@aol.com - (443) 783-1331.
BUYING VARIOUS ANIMAL HEADS - “Raw Skulls” in excellent condition. No skull damage, no broken, missing or worn teeth. Fisher, otter, badger, mink, wolf, lynx, fox, muskrat, porcupine, turkey, woodchuck, nutria, etc. Call Kevin Travnicek (719) 221-4652.

ALASKAN TRAPPING TOURS! Alpine Creek Lodge offers 10 to 30+ day trapping tours in very remote Alaska. Wolverine, lynx and more. www.alpinecreeklodge.com or call (907) 398-9673.
TRAPPERS: Traps, parts, lures, books & dvds. Send $3.00 for catalog. Sterling Fur Company, 11268 Frick Road, Sterling, Ohio 44276.

WANTED: #6 Newhouse Bear Trap paying $2,000+. Greg Hovey, WV. slickpan5@gmail.com (802) 274-2705.


SPECIAL- F-F-G copies to fill issues missing from your collection. Currently available: Aug 1978; Sept 1980; Feb, April, June, Nov, Dec 1983; July 1984; Feb & March 1985; Mar, June 1987; June 1989; Feb, April, May, Dec. 1990; June, July, Aug 1991; March, May, June, July, Aug, Dec 1992. Jan, Feb, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov 1993. March, July, Aug & Nov 1994; June 1995. Feb, Mar, April, June, July, Oct, Nov, Dec 1996. Jan, Feb, July, Aug, Sept & Dec 1997. Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 1998. April, May, June, Sep, Oct, Dec 1999. All of 2000 except June July, Aug & Dec. All of 2001, 2002, 2003 except April,Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, 2004 except Aug, 2005 except Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June, 2006, 2007, 2008 except Aug, Oct, Nov, 2009, 2010, 2011 except Feb, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 plus 2016 except Feb. Call for pricing and availability. Some back copies are available on our website. Send orders to: FUR-FISH-GAME Back Issues, 2878 E. Main St, Columbus, OH 43209. (614) 231-9585.

WOODCRAFT BY E H KREPS. Instructions on building a log cabin, camp furniture, cooking fires, snowshoes and camp tools. Also, how to use a compass, an axe or how to load a pack horse. Send $7.95 + $5.50 p & h to: FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine, 2878 East Main St, Columbus, OH 43209. Order online along with all our other books, videos and other merchandise at www.furfishgame.com