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June 2024


MINK RAISING BY A R HARDING. Tells how to select breeding stock, selecting a location, housing and feeding of mother and young. Send $6.95 plus $5.00 postage & handling to: FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine, 2878 East Main St, Columbus, OH 43209. Order online along with all our other books, videos and other merchandise at www.furfishgame.com


FREE CATALOG: Chicks, turkeys, ducklings, goslings, guineas, gamebirds, bantams, equipment. Hoffman Hatchery, Box 129H, Gratz, PA 17030. www.hoffmanhatchery.com (717) 365-3694


FREE ONLINE originally printed in the 1930’s Herbert Lenon Trapping Books. The best trapping methods for coyote, fox, bobcat, raccoon, beaver, otter, mink, muskrat, skunk and weasel. Written by the most innovative trapper of the last century. www.lenonlures.com

CAMP & TRAIL METHODS BY E KREPS. How to erect tents and shelters, build permanent log camps, make hunting boats, canoes, skis, toboggans, pack baskets and trail sleds along with other information about camping equipment. Send $7.95 plus $5.50 postage & handling to: FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine, 2878 East Main Street, Columbus, OH 43209. Order online along with all our other books, videos, and merchandise at www.furfishgame.com

OUTDOOR DEVOTIONAL BOOKS - Find Jesus in the woods! Check it out today. www.onatreeforestry.com or call (252) 537-5998.


BUCKSKIN CLOTHING - moccasins, fur hats, primitive weapons, catalog $3.00. Tecumseh’s, 4 Liberty Lane, Cody, WY 82414


PUDELPOINTER PUPPIES for sale. Pondside Kennels (574) 773-0357.


SPEARFISHING SUPPLIES. Frog gigs, spearheads, spear fishing supplies. Free catalog - call (570) 383-2083.

ATTENTION all bank fisherman! Looking for a convenient rod holder? Check out Jug-Jaw.com




GUIDED WYOMING SPRING BEAR HUNTS - Color phase bears, baited or spot and stalk, OTC tags, horseback. Call (307) 883-2594, or email HuntDoubleT@gmail.com. Double T Outfitters LLC, License #BG-032. Season ends June 15th.


ML Knives Traditional Old School Forged Quality Carbon Steel www.ml-knives.com

PUMA KNIVES - Trademarked in Germany in 1769, celebrating our 255th year in business! Visit Puma Knife Company USA at www.pumaknifecompanyusa.com. Legendary German Steel blades for all uses from caping to camping to kitchen.


STRATIFIED GINSENG SEED - Excellent quality, ready for planting 2024. Also, premium ginseng capsules, 100% pure ginseng, 100/520 gm per bottle $15.00 per bottle ppd. Barry Anker, 12396 Lover’s Lane, Caroline, WI 54928. (715) 853-7154.

MAKE YOUR WOODS A GOLD MINE! American Organic Stratified Ginseng Seeds. They can be planted any time the ground isn’t frozen. They will sprout in the Spring of 2025. Seed prices: one ounce (at least 400 seeds) $16.00; four ounces $50.00; eight ounces $90.00; sixteen ounces $160.00. All sales come with Catalog/Planting Manual and Free Shipping! Pay with check or money order to: Fred Gates, 3938 Remount Rd., Front Royal, VA 22630.


FOR SALE - ANTIQUE CORTLAND #1 Longspring Trap. Good condition. Made 1888-1892. Appraised $400. Sell $275. Call (814) 505-5188.

HEAVY DUTY CAGE TRAPS for catching the toughest raccoon. 5-year warranty and a unique setting system. ezsetcagetrap.com, Centerfield Tannery and Trapping Supplies (717) 445-0746.

ALASKAN TRAPPING TOURS! Alpine Creek Lodge offers 10 to 30+ day trapping tours in very remote Alaska. Wolverine, lynx, and more. www.alpinecreeklodge.com or call (907) 398-9673.

LENON LURES - Serving Trapper’s continuously since 1924! FREE shipping offer on website. For dealer list, product and trapping information please visit www.lenonlures.com or email: john.chagnon@lenonlures.com (989) 876-2646.

TRAPPERS: Traps, parts, lures, books & dvds. Send $3.00 for catalog. Sterling Fur Company, 11268 Frick Road, Sterling, Ohio 44276.

WANTED: #6 Newhouse Bear Trap paying $2,000+. Greg Hovey, WV. slickpan5@gmail.com (802) 274-2705.

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