Trappin Snappers (DVD)

With Gregg Kashenider

A Complete How-To Video for trapping turtles

Spend two days on the water with third-generation Michigan turtle trapper Gregg Kashenider as he sets out traps and then collects a limit of big snapping turtles, explaining exactly where, when, why, and most importantly how he baits and sets each trap. Watch as Greg cleans a big snapper, explaining every cut as the camera zooms in for detailed close-up images. Then join him in the kitchen as he browns and bakes delicious turtle meat, sharing his grandmothersí favorite family recipe. With this video, you will learn how to trap snapping turtles and never again wonder what to do with the turtles you do catch. 1 hour and 46 minutes run time.
Trappin Snappers (DVD)
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