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A Modern Trapline, by Bob Gilsvik - $14.95
Adjustment of Leghold Traps, by Charles L. Dobbins - $11.95
The Adventures of Lew and Charlie, by Maurice Decker - $14.95
The Adventures of Lew and Charlie - Volume 2, by Maurice Decker - $14.95
All About Professional Fur Handling, By John W. Epler - $14.95
Animal Tracks, by Olaus J. Murie - $19.95
Autobiography of Leggett's Fox Trapping Methods, by Pete & Ron Leggett - $11.95
Bear Baiter's Manual, by Bernie Barringer - $19.95
Beaver 2000, by Hal Sullivan - $11.95
Beaver & Otter Trapping, Charles Dobbins - $11.95
Bottom Edge Mink Set, By Ken Smythe - $6.95
Canines 2000, by Hal Sullivan - $11.95
Competition Line Bobcat Trapping, by Tom Miranda - $9.95
Competition Line Coyote Trapping, by Tom Miranda - $11.95
Competition Line Fox Trapping, by Tom Miranda - $9.95
Competition Line Water Trapping, by Tom Miranda - $9.95
Complete Book of Tanning Skins and Furs, by James Churchill - $19.95
Complete Guide to Lures and Baits, Russ Carman - $9.95
Coyote Fever (Revised), by Ray Milligan - $11.95
Coyote Trapping, by Mark June - $19.95
Dynamite Bobcat Trapping and Snaring, by Tom Krause - $19.95
Dynamite Mink and Coon Trapping, by Tom Krause - $9.95
Dynamite Predator Trapping, by Tom Krause - $11.95
Dynamite Snares and Snaring, by Tom Krause - $9.95
Eastern Coyote Trapping, by Austin Passamonte - $11.95
Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America, by D.W. Fischer & A.E. Bessette- $24.95
Encyclopedia of Lure & Bait Making, by Kellen Kaatz - $9.95
Extreme Northern Bobcat Trapping and Snaring Methods, by Rick "Critter" Olson- $19.95
Favorite Sets of Top Trappers (Volume 1), by the FTA - $14.95
Favorite Sets of Top Trappers (Volume 2), by the FTA - $14.95
Favorite Sets of Top Trappers (Volume 3), by the FTA - $14.95
Favorite Sets of Top Trappers (Volume 4), by the FTA - $14.95
Foxes by the 100s, by Russ Carman - $11.95
Fur Handling 2000, by Hal Sullivan - $11.95
Gilsvik's Best, by Bob Gilsvik - $11.95
Ginseng, How to Find, Grow & Use America's Forest Gold, 2nd Edition, by Kim Derek Pritts - $24.95
Guide To Trapping, by Jim Spenser - $19.95
High Volume Coon Trapping, by Austin Passamonte - $11.95
High Volume Fox Trapping, by Austin Passamonte - $14.95
I Knew That!, by A.R. Harding Publishing, edited by Mitch Cox - $11.95
Mink Trapping Techniques, by Charles Dobbins - $11.95
Muskrat Trapping, by Russ Carman - $4.95
New Age DP Coon Trapping Methods and More! by Leroy Renno - $11.95
NTA Trapping Handbook, by Tom Krause - $17.95
On the Line With Charles Dobbins, by Charles Dobbins - $11.95
Otter 2000, by Hal Sullivan - $11.95
Raw Fur Handling At Its Best, by Keith Winkler - $10.95
Russ Carman's Raccoon Trapping Methods, by Russ Carman - $4.95
Snaring 2000, by Hal Sullivan - $11.95
The Dirt-Hole And Its Variations, by Charles Dobbins - $11.95
The Great Teachers, by Charles Dobbins - $11.95
The Steel Trap In North America, by Richard Gerstell - $64.95
Tracking Wounded Deer, by Richard P. Smith - $15.95
The Trap Collectors Guide: Current Pricing and Other Practical Information - $39.95
Trap Fastening, by Charles Dobbins - $11.95
Trapline Twins, by Julie and Miki Collins - $19.95
Trappers Guide To Using Essential Oils, by Nick Wyshinski - $10.95
Trapping North American Furbearers, by S. Stanley Hawbaker - $9.50
Trapping Techniques for Beginners, by Hal Sullivan - $11.95
Trapping Through the Years, by Charles Dobbins - $11.95
Winter Fox Trapping Methods In Snow, by Russ Carman - $6.95


A Modern TraplineAdjustment of Leghold TrapsAdventures of Lew and CharlieThe Adventures of Lew and Charlie Volume 2All About Professional Fur HandlingAnimal TracksAutobiography of Leggett's Fox Trapping MethodsBear Baiter's ManualBeaver 2000Beaver and Otter TrappingBottom Edge Mink SetCanines 2000Competition Line Bobcat TrappingCompetition Line Coyote TrappingCompetition Line Fox TrappingCompetition Line Water TrappingComplete Book of TanningComplete Guide To LuresCoyote FeverCoyote TrappingDynamite Bobcat Trapping & SnaringDynamite Mink & Coon TrappingDynamite Predator TrappingDynamite SnaringEastern Coyote TrappingEdible Wild Mushrooms of North AmericaEncyclopedia of Lure & Bait MakingExtreme Northern Bobcat Trapping and Snaring MethodsFavorite Sets of Top Trappers Vol. 1Favorite Sets of Top Trappers Vol. 2Favorite Sets of Top Trappers Volume 3 Favorite Sets of Top Trappers Volume 4Foxes By The 100sFur Handling 2000Gilsvik's BestGinseng: How To Find, Grow and Use, 2nd EditionGuide To TrappingHigh-Volume Coon TrappingHigh-Volume Fox TrappingI Knew That! bookMink Trapping TechniquesMuskrat TrappingNew age dp coon trapping methods and moreNTA Trapping Handbook On The Line with Charles DobbinsOtter 2000Raw Fur Handling At Its BestRuss Carman's Raccoon Trapping MethodsSnaring 2000The Dirt Hole and Its VariationsThe Great TeachersThe Steel Trap in North AmericaTracking Wounded DeerTrap Collectors GuideTrap FasteningTrapline TwinsTrapper's Guide to Using Essential Oils, Essences, Powders & CrystalsTrapping North American FurbearersTrapping Techniques for BeginnersTrapping Through The YearsWinter Fox Trapping Methods in Snow