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Every week we feature the best pictures from the hardest working practical outdoorsmen in North America. See someone you know? Or need to brag to a friend? Email this page. Check back regularly.

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Chuck Gadsby - Ohio Will Wightman - New York Alan & Amber Kamarainen - Michigan
Chuck Gadsby Will Wightman Alan & Amber Kamarainen
Bobby Heaton - Montana Brian Moore- Vermont Larry & Dick Ashenfelter - Iowa
Bobby Heaton Brian Moore Larry & Dick Ashenfelter
Dalton Dear & Hunter Bryson - Mississippi Denny Focht - Pennsylvania Nolan & Regan Landkamer - Minnesota
Dalton Dear & Hunter Bryson Denny Focht Nolan & Regan Landkamer
Tristan Florey - North Dakota Emma Nys - Wisconsin Michael Carricato - Pennsylvania
Tristan Florey Emma Nys Michael Carricato

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